10 March 2011

Bedford Mtn Cross Series 2011

Bedford Mountain Cross Race Series:  Held every February, usually at Bedford Trails Falling Creek Park, lies an early chance to test your fitness and / or just get out and ride your bicycle.  Entry fees are low, sandwiches are guaranteed, and conditions are Anything Goes Postal!  Why weren't you there?!

(btw. Serious thanks to Tim Dahl's photos on Smugmug.)

Race #01 - Restless for Spring, over 20 of us gathered to re-acquaint and toe the line... 1st, 2nd, and 3rd overall is the series format for Fortune and Glory; only time delay handicaps separate the advantages of experts to first time juniors. -- Placing 2nd for the day was my wake-up call to 'game-on.'  Would this be my year for first in the series?!  -- Although some of 'the usual riding suspects' were notably absent, sunshine and a nudge into warmer temps were quite present for the day.

Race #02 - Jumping into action and establishing the series lead. -- The almost spring-like warm temps & sunshine brought me once again to second place for the day but gaining first place in the series overall.  Jake B. (Men's Expert <35) who placed first from race #01 was out of town and did not race today.  While Ritche V. (Women's Expert <35) placing first for the day by an extra lap on everyone, was absent from the first race.  Consistency pays off; you've got to show to win.  Still, there were others, hungry and fast on my 'six'!

- on a side note...Davey & Kelly rocked it home on the mountain tandem that day!  Seriously, they should have gotten a lap per person.  What a team!

Race #03 - the Night Race! - Going fast in the dark!  Did I forget there is a lights-required night race in this series?  Seriously, what other series has a night race?  But honestly, this is still beginner friendly racing! -- Bruce M. (Men's Vet Sport) dug deep with his new bike and the time bonus head-start system to hold off the field for first place for the day, all while maneuvering into 2nd place for the series.

"The 'Forest Leprechaun' is in his element with night riding"

"And, yes, the Mountain Tandem was rockin' the night riding, too!"

Race #04 - Because Mountain Cross is 'any conditions go'...  This year's Going Postal brought Torrential Rains, Wind Gusts, Wintry Cold, Flooding Creeks, and Sloppy Mud.... and we turned it up to Eleven.  Eleven of us braved the elements..  Some were fighting for Fortune & Glory.  Others were defending their sanity.  Still others were there just for the sandwich & cheetoes and a chance to ride their bicycle with friends.

Bruce fought hard with grit in his eye, fire in his engine, and perhaps a little swagger in his helmet.

The Leprechaun dug deep against the day and the head-start time-bonuses.

Some rode with smiles..

Some rode with Postal Crazed Looks..

But I had the agony of defeat.

While Bruce had the elation of an extra lap.. just 30 seconds before I could get there.

Meanwhile, this fitness packed runner and Masters rider, slipped in for 2nd for the day.

Series Results - Lots of fun, good people, mountain bike riding, and racing, all while getting that much closer to Spring! -- Stuck on my gears & suspension, my single speed was missed, but I was glad to be riding... and riding fast and well enough to capture second place for the series. -- Being an expert level racer is tougher than one might think in this series; competing not just against the other experts, but also competing against lost ground from the head-start time-bonus handicap system. Whew. Now that's some hard racing!  -- Good Job, Kenny Palmer & Bedford County Parks, for another great year of the Bedford Mountain Cross Series.

Left to right: 3rd place-Kevin Painchaud(Masters), 2nd place-David Tompkins(Vet Expert), 2011 Series Champion-Bruce Meyer(Vet Sport)

See you there in 2012!

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Jen said...

Excellent post Dave. I hadn't been by your blog in a while! Hope to see you on the trails soon! I'm hoping to race a bit more this year. Just depends on that edukation I'm pursuing. =)